​​Shucheng ZHANG   DVM, MSc, PhD


​Key expertise:

- Vaccine development

- Regulatory affairs (product registration)

- Epidemiology & disease diagnoses

- Patent strategies

- R&D management

AboutZ-link Biotech -  Animal Health for China


Tony Zi Long TAN  BVSc, MSc, PhD

Founder and Managing Partner

Key expertise:

- Biotechnology sourcing & licensing

- M&A transactions

​- Animal vaccines

- Fish health

- Business set-up in China

 Linking East and  West

Linking  Science and Business


Our partners have cross-species experience in R&D,regulatoryaffairs, manufacturing, marketing, sales and business development. We hold advanced medical, science and other professional degrees, and have previously worked in Chinese and US medical/veterinary universities, animal research institutes and animal health companies.

Together we have helped develop over 20 biological and pharmaceutical products from inception, and have completed numerous business development transactions in China and elsewhere, including divestures and mergers & acquisitions. 

Mingxu GUAN  MD,  MSc


Key expertise:

- Vaccine bioprocess development

- Bioreactor operation

- Cell culture scale-up for vaccine & therapeutic protein production 

- Adaptation & cryopreservation of cell lines

- Study design & testing for vaccines

Ying YUAN  BS, MS, PhD


Key expertise:

- Human & animal anti-infectives

- Pharmaceuticals & biopharmaceuticals

- Biotechnology innovation & evaluation

- Technology sourcing

- Scientific training

- Project management