Z-link Biotech Service -  Animal Health for China

If you are a multinational company...

- Market entry strategy to China

- Setting up a legal entity & organization

- M&A and transaction support​, e.g., setting up a joint venture

- API sourcing

- Regulatory services

- Co-marketing activities

- Recruitment strategies

- Document expert review

- Scientific and business translations


Linking  Science and Business

We have a deep understanding of the animal health industry and business environment both inside and outside China. We tailor each project to specific client needs. Examples of our services are:

If you are aChinese company...

- License in/out technology

- Meeting international export standards
- Improvement of R&D capabilities
- Improvement of manufacturing processes
- Setting up a joint venture with a multinational company
- Scientific and business translations

​- Overseas training

 Linking East and  West

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​​​​​Z-Link Biotech is committed to providing quality service and support to organizations involved in R&D to commercialization of animal health products. We assist our clients every step of the way to better understand industry trends,local conditions, market evolution and growthopportunities in China in order to optimize decision making around company strategy, portfolio planning, commercial approaches, international expansion, and market access.  

We are here to help you achieve the growth and stakeholder value that you seek, as quickly as possible but with minimal costs and stress. 



If you are auniversity or research institute...

- Technology licensing to commercial

- Contract research liaison
​- Finding the right collaborators​
- Manuscript review
- Scientific translations